Overview on Studying Abroad

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By David Ogunbode.

In today’s world, we are used to the saying ‘the world is a global village’. Aside from the world
of business and politics, nowhere is this more evident than in the area of overseas education.
Every year, thousands of students leave their home country in search of a good education abroad.
The United States and the United Kingdom are still the primary destinations for international students, but other destinations are growing in their popularity as well!
Studying abroad comes with many benefits as well as obvious challenges, but preparation and proper research will surely make the journey less daunting.
Some of the general advantages of studying abroad are:
• Acquiring an internationally recognised qualification
• Exposure and experience of what operates internationally
• A competitive qualification that makes you stand out (depending on the institution, of
• Excellent learning facilities
• Networking and contacts with students from other parts of the world
• Independence and maturity gained from being away from home.

Some of the general challenges of studying abroad are:
• It can be an expensive investment
• Culture shock
• Some students get lost in the crowd!

All in all, studying abroad should be an enriching and rewarding experience!

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Living in a new culture is sometimes difficult. However, it can also be very interesting. Living in a foreign country can open new doors, introduce