Student Life

At Cornerstone College we encourage our students to become the best versions of themselves and truly believe that taking care of our mental and physical wellbeing is just as important as our academic pursuits.


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Our College takes full advantage of its location within one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world. Cornerstone’s mission is focused on educating the Leaders of tomorrow, today. Leaders who are not just academically sound but spiritually, socially and ethically too.

One to One Teaching

It is important to understand each student’s abilities and skills are different, which is why at Cornerstone College we adapt our learning styles to suit each individual student, to ensure they receive the most out of a lesson.
One-to-one teaching offers a tried and tested approach to teaching.

Cornerstone Graduation

One of the highlights of our academic year is graduation. 

It’s a time to recognise your achievements and accomplishments, as well as the beginning of your next adventure. 

We are excited to spend this special day with you and your visitors!

Health &

At Cornerstone College we provide access to high-quality health care and services that enhance student wellness and quality of life in and outside of the classroom.



Mr David Ogunbode

A message from the director

“All of our students are well cared for and treated like the young adults that they are, whilst still receiving the supervision they require to excel in life.”


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