UK, US & Canadian Partnerships

At Cornerstone, we are preparing students for their future. For most students this looks like further education at a university of their choice. Our partnerships are a pathway for students to progress to universities in the UK, US and Canada.

In partnership with Gravitas, Cornerstone College Cambridge now provides students with the opportunity to acquire a US diploma qualification and prepare our students for selective US universities and college admissions. Our students will be taught by faculty and staff from Stony Brook School.
This builds a bridge for our students with prestigious universities and colleges in the United States. 45% of the Stony Brook School class of 2022 earned acceptances to the top 30 most selective universities in the US, and now our students in the Cambridge and Littleport campuses have this opportunity without having to cross the Atlantic to attend the Stony Brook School boarding campus.

In Partnership with Trinity Western University (TWU), we provide our students with an opportunity of a customised bachelor’s degree based on their interests.
This Global Express Pathway allows students to choose from a number of faculties and loads of options for majors and minors or be matched with an incredible academic advisor from TWU to help you figure out your best major and minor options. You can start one of TWU’s 30 undergraduate degrees right from Cornerstone College Cambridge with flexibility and support from your academic advisor and our learning facility.