Rev. John Holme

John Holme was converted to Christ in 1982 after an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ and following his baptism in the Holy Spirit three years later he was filled with Heavenly energy and an insatiable appetite for the truths of God’s Word to be part of his very being. In response to this hunger, the Lord granted him what could be reverentially termed an ‘addiction’ to the Word of God, and especially to understand it in a practical and balanced way and not just from an academic, head-knowledge perspective. Throughout the late 20th Century and into the 21st, John increasingly learned what the scriptures meant when it refers to abiding in the ‘Rest of God’, this end of striving has led to God providing countless opportunities for John to minister to groups of all sizes as well as individuals which John could not have dreamt possible relying on his own resourcefulness and ability. Having reached his mid 60’s, John now aims to use the remainder of his earthly sojourn to encourage and mentor other Christian believers and leaders to enter this place of perpetual rest in order that the same Lord is able to do exceeding, abundantly above all that they ask or think according to His mighty power which is at work within them.