This would determine the course type- typically students applying for the pre-university course would have completed their O’levels and also have the required English qualification such as IELTS and TOEFL. For more information please contact: admin@cornerstone-college.org

Yes! There are scholarship opportunities. Please visit the website section on Scholarships and Financial Aid


This is dependent on the examination board, program level and what you have already studied or completed at the previous college. Your best bet is to send your unofficial transcript to admin@cornestone-college.org and we can take a look for you.

    • Please visit the fee page and check the fees for the appropriate course. www.cornerstone-college.org/tuition-fees/
    • Textbooks can be expensive, so prepare your budget for buying books, as well.

Depends on the courses you are taking. Many students are able to finish in a year or two.

    • Yes! Cornerstone has two chapel services per week, Wednesday, and Friday at 11:00 am. This is a great time for connecting with the community, worship, teaching, prayer and encountering God.

Unfortunately, no. The admissions department needs the official, final transcript directly from your previous college or university. You can request those documents to be sent to Cornerstone at: admin@cornerstone-college.org

    • Great! We have an online portal on the college website or you can download a paper form, and print it to complete it. You can send the completed application to admin@cornerstone-college.org
    • With that, you’ll need to submit a Personal Statement (an essay) answering questions about yourself in one to two pages.
    • Next, ask two teachers who know you pretty well to complete a two-page recommendation form on your behalf.
    • Lastly, you’ll need to ask all your previous colleges or universities to send your official, final transcript to Cornerstone.
    • If you’re an international student, you’ll have a few more credentials.
    • TOEFL/IELTS (for students with an IGCSE or GCSE in English with a grace C and above this requirement is waived)
    • Financial Guarantee form – This form shows if you have the funds available.

Cornerstone only issues short study visas which means there is a restriction on work. This will hopefully change by the beginning of 2024 when we expect to have a Tier4 visa in place.

The college fees have been generously subsidized so students can focus on studies rather than work.

This visa is valid for 6-11 months depending on the course.

Yes! For our online and correspondence students, it is very flexible and offers all types of students the opportunity to earn their qualifications. You can take classes part-time or full-time. A few select classes are offered during the summer sessions.

We do have a number of rooms onsite for students at the Littleport campus, we also have a number of college residences which are approximately a 2–15-minute walk from the college. International students can also stay with host family if they choose to. For more information please contact: accommodation@cornerstone-college.org