Dr Harvey Kwiyani

Dr Harvey Kwiyani is lecturer in African Christianity and Theology at Liverpool Hope University. He has spent over ten years working as both a scholar and a practitioner in missions in Europe and North America. He graduated with a PhD from Luther Seminary in 2012, having researched the theological implications of the missionary work of Africans in North America. Harvey has now published some of his research findings in his book, Sent Forth: African Missionary Work in the West (2014, Orbis Books). He is also the author of a new book Roots and Wings: Equipping and Empowering young Diaspora Africans for Life and Mission (2018). He formerly taught missions, leadership and African studies at Birmingham Christian College and at Church Mission Society (CMS) in Oxford. He is also research fellow at the Cuddesdon Study Centre at  Ripon College,Cuddesdon.