Cornerstone College is a UK and international college for boys and girls aged typically from age 17 above. Our goal is to unlock the spiritual, academic, and personal potential of each student and encourage them to realise their ambitions. All staff must uphold the aims and ethos of the College Staff must:
  • Encourage all in the college community to benefit from the educational opportunities offered by the College
  • Set a good example to all members of the College in their general conduct, appearance, attendance, and punctuality
  • Be fully committed to their work at the College
  • Read and follow the College policies, especially with regards to:
  1. Safeguarding/Child Protection Policy
  2. College Regulations
  3. Complaints Procedure
  4. Trips Policy
  5. Behaviour Management Policy
  6. Staff Dress Code
  7. ICT Acceptable usage-staff
  8. Health and Safety
  • Be aware of everyone’s duty with regards to the pastoral wellbeing of each student, and respond appropriately to their needs
  • Must not, by  any means, bring the good name of the College into disrepute
  • Encourage all students to speak English wherever possible
  1. Staff must not under any circumstances have inappropriate [and or sexual] relationships with students of Cornerstone. This would amount to gross misconduct, dismissal and the appropriate authorities including the police will be informed in all cases.
  2. Teaching staff must not collect personal contact details of students. This is inappropriate and could lead to disciplinary procedures against such staff.
  3. Should lecturers and teachers become aware of and students complain about service delivery at Cornerstone. Academic staff should direct such students either to their students handbook or that the students should address their concerns to senior staff at the College, as there are mechanisms in place for dealing with such issues.
Revised: August 2023