1. Background


1.1 Cornerstone College Cambridge is fully committed to equalising opportunities and welcomes applications from everyone. We will make every effort to offer a place best suited to an individual’s needs and abilities irrespective of age, background, race, belief/faith, gender, disability or support needs.


1.2 Personal information will be treated sensitively and confidentially as appropriate and only shared with the permission of the applicant and only then with staff who need to know.


2. Aim, Objective or Purpose of the Policy 


2.1 This Policy outlines the College’s arrangements for admissions to its full-time programmes.


2.2 This Policy and its supporting guidelines aim to ensure fair access to all full-time applicants applying to the College.


3. Scope of the Policy

3.1 This Policy applies to all applicants who wish to enrol on a full-time programme at Cornerstone.

3.2 This Policy applies to all full-time home student applications, dual applications for full and International applicants for full-time courses.


4. Principles

4.1 All applicants will be required to complete an application form and supply appropriate references.

4.2 All applicants who disclose an additional learning need or disability will be asked to provide additional details in order that access arrangements for interviews or associated admissions events can be made for applicants if required.

4.3 All applicants who declare a criminal conviction, warning, reprimand etc. will be required to attend a meeting with the Centre Manager and the Principal (or a designated senior management colleague) prior to attending a Welcome Event to ascertain the level of risk and suitability for their chosen programme.

4.4 Decisions on offers for a place on a programme at Cornerstone will be determined using a number of factors including, but not limited to: previous academic achievements, predicted exam grades, references, attendance at compulsory elements of the admissions process and meetings with parents/carers/guardians where necessary.


5. Policy details


The College will ensure that fair and robust processes are in place to facilitate admissions to the College across its range of full-time programmes and will offer the most appropriate for each individual, depending on prior academic and social history:


5.1 Entry requirements for all courses are set by the “owning” curriculum area.


5.3 In all cases, and in addition to the entry qualifications, the offer of a place is subject to: a satisfactory reference, a written personal statement and the outcomes of initial telephone assessment, which will be taken as part of the admissions process.


5.4 However, the College reserves the right to refuse any applicant who has previously been excluded from this or another educational institution. In these eventualities, we will try to find and recommend suitable alternatives where possible.


5.2 In addition, the College has a duty of care to students and staff and thus reserves the right not to admit an applicant where there is evidence that they could be a threat or danger to others.


6. Responsibilities

6.1 It is the responsibility of the Principal/Centre Manager to ensure that this policy is effectively and fairly implemented, monitored and reviewed on an annual basis.

6.2 It is the responsibility of all staff across College involved in the admissions of full-time students to attend admissions update sessions and to adhere to the guidance provided.

6.3 It is the responsibility of the Admissions team to provide advice and support to staff across the College in the implementation of the processes.

7. References

Equality Act 2010

Disability Discrimination Act 2006


8. Enquiries and Change Control


8.1 All enquiries relating to the content of this document should be directed to the Author.

8.2 This document will be subject to a yearly review. The review will be initiated by the owning Director.


9.       Any associated Objectives relating to other Policies


10. Outcomes of this Procedure supporting College Policies or Objectives and methods of support of those Policies or Objectives

10.1 Safeguarding Policy

10.2 Child Protection Policy

10.3 Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults Policy

10.4 Equality Policy


11. Main Beneficiaries and Benefits

11.1 All full-time applicants to the College


12.    Other Main Stakeholders

12.1 Parents/Carers

12.2 Sponsors

12.3 Education Support for Looked After Children

12.4 16+ Team